Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've been standing in my dark kitchen for the past hour or so, watching tonight's total lunar eclipse. For a while, I admired it through the window panes in my back door. Then I snuck into the kids' room while they dreamt of robots, and I borrowed their telescope for a closer look.

While it was nice to have that closer look, I preferred the commoner's view, standing in solidarity with millions of others, staring up at some great big metaphor in the sky.

Telescope in hand--by my side, I gazed up into the night. I had expected to be quite taken with the dark shadow cast over the moon. But the shadow impressed me less than the light so clearly visible behind that veil of darkness. What a beautiful gesture of this nearly full, gleaming moon to let herself be obscured just as she is shining brightest.


PS Now I'm craving a black and white cookie.

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