Friday, February 22, 2008

The Longest Month?

I don't think so. February has an ugly reputation, but I gotta say that the past week has afforded me many treats to keep the winter blues at bay. For starters, there was that trip to NY on Monday. Then I began my new job in earnest this week, setting up shop in my own private office while getting to know lots of really nice, hardworking people all of three minutes from home. Wednesday Ian cooked me and the kids dinner at his place; Thursday Renee and I hit Saiam Orchids for some chow after work.

And today I had off because the kids needed someone -- gasp! like, mommy! -- to watch them on this last day of their February break. It was the one day for which no one else was available, and it worked out well. Snow fell from the sky in droves today, and I managed to bring Grandma to a very important doctor's appointment today in Branford. Hey, I have all-wheel drive and absolutely no fear of driving in snow. So I offered. The kids hung out with my grandmother's sister in the interim, and then it was home again for lunch, movies, fresh-baked cookies, snowman makin', a hot bath before dinner, soup and hot rolls for tonight's menu, a long and awesome game of Sorry! before bedtime...

AND I scored my great-father Doc McGuire's yearbook from the Yale College of Medicine from 1909. Grandma had it in her basement. A.C. Gilbert (inventor of the Erector Set) was his good friend and classmate. And the graphics in the yearbook are so cool, especially for secret societies he and his classmates belonged to (Great Grandpa McGuire belonged to Alpha Kappa Kappa)...

The list of blessings goes on and on. I mean, come on: WE HAD A TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE THIS WEEK! AND I ATE SPRING ROLLS!

And Ian and I think we've come up with a new idea for our upcoming nuptials. It involves moving the date up by a few months, but beyond that I ain't dishin' 'til we've got the details hammered out...

In the meantime, here is a pic of today's pimped out snowman:

Happy Friday.


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