Monday, February 4, 2008


And just like that, they grow up.

Sean lost his first tooth this morning while munching on pancakes for Ian's birthday breakfast. It was poised to fall out for the past few days, and this morning, after observing a bloody piece of pancake he had just bitten into, viola! The thing was in his hand, and I've never seen him so excited. He and I hung out in the bathroom as he rinsed and spit with salt water ("EW! It tastes like the ocean!"). Nolan walked in to join us and said, "Can I see?" Sean showed him the big, red hole at the bottom of his mouth. Nolan was impressed. "Whoa," he said, wide-eyed.

My little big man is growing up so fast. Yesterday he was busy dropping in with his daddy at the skatepark. Last night he was having fun entertaining the grown ups with his keen wit and sense of the absurd at Kevin and Rachel's party. This morning he lost his tooth and then helped his brother make his bed. What a morning! Lost teeth, Ian's birthday, presents, pancakes, and the dog woke us up with a full-blown seizure. All this before 7:45.

It's also the first day of my new job. Time to take a much-needed shower and get moving. Let's see, I need to be there at 11:00. So if I leave my house by 10:56, that should give me about a minute to spare.

Hey--and the Giants won the Super Bowl. That makes me pretty happy, even though I'm not much of a football fan. Still, what a game last night.

Less than two months until Opening Day...


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