Thursday, February 28, 2008

They're Just Names

I stumbled upon the Audrey Hepburn Library of articles online, and found an interview with her about motherhood following the birth of her son, Sean. In trying to decide upon names, the article states that for Audrey, "it became a tossup between Kathleen and Maria for a girl, and Ian and Sean for a boy."


In my daily internet dalliance, I was simply searching for inspiration for a wedding dress. In other words, What the hell would Audrey Hepburn wear? She was married a few times, so she'd know what's appropriate yet fashionable and classy for a petite girl in her second wedding. So, here I am. Looking for inspiration online. I'm not looking to wear Holly Golightly's black gown. I'm looking for something different. Something real girls wear to feel wonderful. Something that would make Audrey Hepburn proud.


Ian and Sean. Thought that was funny.

Happy Thursday.

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