Monday, February 25, 2008


My kids have an interesting palate. They love garlic hummus and sesame blue corn chips. Noly will eat 1/3 of an entire meatloaf but turn his nose up at hamburger. Sean will eat chicken pot pie but gag on chicken breast. They both prefer fruit over veggies, with a few exceptions. Nolan absolutely loves every bean that grows on this planet. Sean can't stand beans. He loves carrots. And both kids love squash soup.

So tonight, as I insisted they eat some corn with their dinner, there was some protest. Nolan, who will sometimes eat lots of corn and other times throw a fit if it's put in front of him, was resisting the most. Sean miserably chewed away, while Nolan was at the end of his rope coming up with excuses for not having a bite.

"It's too hot!" he complained.

"No, it's not. It's cooled off."

"NO MOMMY! Now it's TOO COLD!"

"Eat the corn, Nolan. I don't want to hear it."

"But I'm full."

"You're not too full for three little bites of nutritious food."


Sean was still miserably chewing.

"Yes it is--"

"No it's NOT, Mommy! It's OLDtritious. I can't eat oldtritious food."

Good one.

While on the topic of three year olds (who have a penchant for Star Wars), Ian sent me this today with the subject line: "Noly's first girlfriend???"

I do believe this will be love at first sight:


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