Friday, March 7, 2008

A Good Show

I need to go to a good show. A hardcore show. A show the likes of all the Jesus Lizard shows I went to at CBs many, many moons ago. I need to bleed at a show, shove and be shoved. Sometimes, despite running and yoga and every other bit of catharsis energetic and medidative that is available to me, only a good show with loud music and lots of sweaty people elbowing each other will take care of what ails me.

It's Friday. Sunday is Parade Day. The kids and I will don silly hats and wave flags and flaunt our McGuinea-ness. Tomorrow, after I sign up Sean for little league and the kids go off with their dad for the day, I'll be taking a trip to Liberty Street to visit one of the closest people in the world to me and try to make sense of her extreme, hospitalized depression.

For now, here is "Hope" by the Descendents.


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