Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kiss Me, I'm an Irish Idiot!

1. The parade was a blast. It went exactly as planned. Until...

2. My car was towed.

Short story long: I apparently suffered a Heinous Brain Fart sometime after noon today when I decided it was a good idea to park my car on Church Street. Between Wall and Grove. Smack in the heart of parade central.

Of course, I didn't know my car had been towed until long after the fact. First I had to sit/stand/jump around for nearly three hours on Elm and Church, watching firemen and cops and storm troopers, oh my! When the kids and I were completely and totally shot, Jane had left and Jeff and Renee were exhausted and freezing, I decided it was time to go. The kids and I hit the corner and began walking back toward the car, running into Patrick (who has made several guest appearances in this blog as of late), who earlier had indeed fallen out of line with the other firemen today to give me a hug. Patrick walked with me for a block, where we ran into some mutual friends. He also played hero for a moment when some drunk girl decided to hit the sidewalk with the back of her head--

[Note: The last parade I was at with Patrick in October 06, some guy collapsed right in front of us.]

--but she was okay, so we moseyed on toward my car, with Patrick still in tow because I was planning on driving him to his next destination.

"Where did you say your car was?" he asked.

"Right over here on Church Str--oh, crap."

Patrick laughed. "You're a smart girl, Moira. I'm surprised."


And the race was on. We walked several blocks with the boys up to Rudy's, where Ian was busy working and where I had sworn I wouldn't go today. Oh well. Worse things can happen. I borrowed his car, which conveniently has two booster seats in it for the kids, and I drove home. Ninety minutes later, Keith came over to stay with the kids while I drove back downtown, deposited Ian's car back on Howe Street, stuck around for one round, saw a few friends I have missed, politely declined countless shots, grabbed some dinner down the street for Ian who was starving, and finally got a ride from him to Tony's to get my car at 7:30, after his 10-1/2 hour shift finally ended.

When I said goodbye to Ian in the middle of the tow lot tonight, I said, "I am such an idiot." Honestly, why did I park on CHURCH STREET during the parade?

He didn't argue with me. He just said he loved me.

When I walked through my back door at 8pm, I immediately took a shower. Not only did I need to wash the day off of me, but my ass had never actually warmed up from the standing outside in the cold all afternoon.

Now? Tea. Small bowl of Ben & Jerry's organic sweet cream and cookies. The kids are fast asleep, dreaming of storm troopers and army men from today's parade. I'm right behind them. I will not be dreaming of tow lots or Rudy's, I hope. Instead, I'd much rather dream of my rosy-cheeked children blowing noisemakers on a sunny, cold March day, with some of our best friends beside us.

(Photo of the boys by Jeff G.)

I haven't been towed since 1998. Ten years? I guess I was due.

Happy Parade Day!

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