Thursday, March 13, 2008


I am spoiled. Absolutely spoiled.

This morning, as if the birthday kisses and hugs from the kids weren't sweet enough, Ian gave me presents: I am signed up for the Boston Yoga Journal Conference this May (!!!)--and for it I'm booked at a Very Nice Hotel in Beantown. He also gave me a framed, old postcard of the Pardee-Morris House, back when it was yellow and had a wrap-around porch. In addition, I enjoyed a nice big cup of coffee from the coffee-a-month subscription he ordered me from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Co.

While at work, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers arrived. And later, when I stopped home on my lunchbreak, more flowers arrived. TWO orders of flowers for my birthday? Swoooooon...

And then there are all the phone calls and texts from some of the closest people to me...including Grandma. And a big hug from Heide this morning at work. And a surprise potted tulip left by my front door from my Great Uncle.

Tonight, it's cake with everyone from the kids and Ian to Renee and my ex-husband and Ian's family. Then I'm being treated to a surprise dinner I don't know where...and I can't wait. Cake before dinner. What's better than that?

Spoiled, I tell ya.

And since it's my birthday, I'm giving myself a little present today (in addition to the nice walk with the dog at lunch):

Happy Birthday to me! Halfway to 70 and still only a few grey hairs! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

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