Friday, March 7, 2008

Up in Smoke

Oh, it's a vortex alright.

This town is too small for the one of us.

In high school I dated a guy named Josh Crane. He was a Very Serious Boyfriend of mine for a long time. He went to HSC, had a twin brother named Matt, and me, Renee and several other friends spent A LOT of time hanging out at his home on St. Ronan Street. I mean...a lot of time. For most of my senior year I probably spent more time there than at home, when I wasn't in school.

Eventually, Josh's family moved out of New Haven. Josh and Matt moved to NYC, where they remain. Their father gave up practicing law to take over the family business, Crane Paper Co., in Dalton, Massachusetts.

This week there was a huge fire on St. Ronan Street. Josh and Matt's home was all a'flamin'. And, because this town is so painfully small, another one of my ex-boyfriends, a New Haven firefighter, was busy putting out the flames.

Now, the house looks like this:

It was one of my favorite houses ever.

Oh well.


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