Thursday, March 6, 2008

Water Carries Us from Here

Eat, Pray, Love is bringing me right back to my own solo trip to Rome three years ago. I remember the day I returned from that trip. Barely off the plane, I checked my cellphone and retrieved messages from my married boyfriend, who was welcoming me home. Minutes later, I was at the gate at JFK, where my own husband and kids picked me up. I was so thrilled to see my children again. It was a steamy, early August day, one week before our entire world burst open (because of the aforementioned letter in the previous blog) and be forever changed. We drove home, a tan, sweaty bunch, my head full of stories from my trip, my body too tired to talk. Pinback played from the car stereo. I remember clearly sitting on the highway in traffic, bare feet on the dash, listening to one of my favorite songs from them, "Syracuse".

This morning, as I thought about last night's blog and shook cinnamon onto everyone's buttered and sugared toast for breakfast, "Syracuse" suddenly streamed into my sunlit kitchen from the docked iPod on the counter. I turned it up.

I'm so glad that part of my life is behind me. I can finally listen to songs again and remember things about those months the way I remember vague details of my childhood: I no longer have any real attachment to the memories, but those events shaped who I am. Well, that's partially true. Some days I'm quite attached to the memories. But those days are becoming fewer and far between, which makes the moments I am attached all the more acute.

Still, it's not like it used to be. And that is a really great thing.

I found this video for the song and thought I'd share it. Someone did a nice job putting this together for their little girl.



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