Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yippee Kai-Ay, Motherf*cker!

Three things that make me really happy (okay, there are way more than three, but play along with me):

1. Sitting in Grandma's living room after work tonight and hearing this:

"You know, Father Gee [note: a priest and close family friend BECAUSE WE'RE IRISH] called today to see how I was doing and said he'll be going to Yankee Stadium in April. You know, tickets are going to be at a premium this season."


"So he's going in with some friends who are big Yankee fans, and he'll have a good time anyway [note: Fr. Gee lives in New Hampshire and is a staunch Sox fan like my Grandmother]. You know, your grandfather first went to Yankee Stadium with Fr. Gee back in 1946."

"Wait a sec--Pa [note: Grandpa McGuire was always known as Pa] went to Yankee Stadium? To see them play the Sox?"

"Oh I don't remember who they played. Fr. Gee would remember that."

"Then why did he go to Yankee Stadium? Pa was a Sox fan."

"Actually he was a Yankee fan for his entire life. Everyone in New Haven was, it seemed. But then he married me, and I came from Massachusetts, so..."


I was actually speechless, something that really amused Grandma.

I turned around and grabbed a picture of Pa off the baby grand piano that is crammed into Grandma's tiny living room.


Grandma laughed.

2. (Remember I was putting together a list of things that make me happy?) Watching a preseason game on YES tonight and being reminded of the above conversation.

3. And the New York Dolls:

Oh, so many more things make me happy. But today, those are the top three--with my kids in a category all their own, of course.

Pa, I hardly knew ye under the weight of those frickin' Gaynors. With all due respect to Grandma and her family, those Gaynors could suffocate a rag doll.


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