Friday, April 18, 2008

Accrued Vacation Time Well Spent

In no particular order of importance, this day off with my boys included, but was not limited to:

1. A lazy morning with a surprise visit by Ian, who dropped in for coffee.
2. Picnic lunch at Lighthouse Park. Just me and my little guys.
3. Kickball in the park after lunch.
4. Tag on the beach.
5. Swinging from monkey bars on the playground.
6. Nolan so tired after our day out that he went to bed all by himself because he was "so tired, Mommy". And he slept for almost two hours. I had to wake him up.
7. Sitting on my sunny deck, reading, while Nolan slept and Sean played with Legos.
8. Sitting on the sunny front porch with Ian and the kids before dinner.
9. Hot dogs and beans and AN AWESOME potato salad. Go me.
10. Picking up the kids' new Little League uniforms.
11. Seeing a honey bee.
12. Two tired, clean kids, scrubbed up with bellies full of Ben and Jerry's frozen yogurt, who went to bed without a fuss.
13. My limbs, stronger and more tired from this afternoon's run.
14. The dog, always.
15. This sunburn--yes, sunburn--I'm sportin'.

I took big gulps of sea air today and played outside with my little guys all day. And Sean taught Nolan how to pee on a tree in the park. And each of them found a new crop of shells for our "summer box", which is our special collection of the shells, sea glass and rocks we find at the beach. We usually rifle through it during the colder months. It's a nice reminder that warmer days will return.

And did they ever. Today was spectacular. The boys and I shared a lot of laughs and hugs. And sunny, warm Eskimo kisses.

Happy Friday.

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