Friday, April 4, 2008

Dig Into the Dirt, Get Home

The kids hit the sporting goods store today with Ian to pick up new cleats. It's Nolan's first year of T-ball, Sean's last before Pee Wees next year. After dinner tonight, Nolan couldn't wait to put on his baseball cleats and pants and run around the house, pretending to slide into base and dive for balls. All suited up for a game, he sat with me as we watched the Yanks play Tampa Bay before bedtime. Later, eager to play ball, Nolan cried before bed, "But will it stop raining so we can play baseball tomorrow, Mommy?" Hope so.

Nolan insisted on sleeping in his baseball pants. Hey, man. Why not? As the kids drifted off to dreamland, I pulled out photos that have been neglected and unorganized for three years. Time to get back on the stick and file these things chronologically in albums. I can't move again without these memories in some kind of order. It's time.

I sat on the living room floor surrounded by photos, as the Yanks lost to the Rays--THE RAYS!!!--13 to 4. Oh, the carnage! After about two hours, I had selected all the pictures that made the cut for albums. The rest went back into a great big box that will follow me everywhere, I'm sure.

As the Yanks completed their horrible loss, I took a break from my photos and flipped through catalogs of perennials. If all goes well, sometime in mid-little league season Ian and I will hopefully be buying a house together not far from the ballpark where my kids love to slide into base. Fingers crossed, this will work out, and I will finally, once and for all, be able to lay down some serious roots. I cannot wait to get dirty in a new garden, my own garden, with the help of the kids and Ian. And I cannot wait to see my kids play in their very own backyard again without landlords, however kind, lurking.

The Yanks lost. I closed the catalog and arranged a teetering stack of photos in a safe corner on the floor for organizing tomorrow. Just flipping through them all was somewhat draining. Tomorrow I'll recommence. Right now, I need yoga.

And the Yanks need a kick in the ass! 13-4?? Are you kidding me? I cannot wait for Pettitte to take the mound tomorrow. I've been waiting since last fall for this.

Tomorrow I get a haircut. Not too much off the ends. Then it's a big family dinner at Grandma's, where last fall's bulbs are growing taller by the day.

Before bed, here's this, which is stuck in my head:


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