Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's Only Natural.

I can't log in to my work email right now, so I'm going to share this with all y'all:

Sean and Nolan rush into the house every day after school and furiously grab their folders out of their backpacks to show me what each has done that day in class. Nolan usually has cute and creative 3-D art projects, as well as number and alphabet lessons that are more advanced than anything Sean did at that age in his old school.

As for Sean, his projects are different. He is in kindergarten, and while there is no shortage of illustrations and little comics that he draws in his free time, there are many more lessons he covers in a day, including writing sentences, following complicated patterns (two birds, three bees, three birds, four bees, four birds, how many bees?), simple addition, phonics, and other things. Yesterday's lesson included a focus on the letter "W", and Sean was eager to show me a workbook page he had completed.

The page featured several pictures of things that begin with "W", such as a walrus, a wagon, a wheel, and so on. Then there were three blank spots where the children were instructed to draw pictures of other items that begin with "W". Sean, ever the abstract thinker, drew Wind, Waves, and the Wild--which was a picture of many trees and grass.

Sean has a keen interest in nature. He is fascinated by all aspects of it, as well as planets and stars, and he is increasingly interested in environmental issues. His little drawings were adorable, but his commentary was even cuter.

"I drew all nature things, Mom. Because I really love nature. And the animals. And the ocean. And I don't like it when people litter."

My little sweetheart. He's also getting into "found art"--picking up random things on the ground (that aren't too disgusting--this often requires my intervention) and creating art out of them. "That's one way to recycle," he noted. Indeed. Just don't pick up that empty dimebag or used condom, kid.

I found two quotes from John Burroughs today that I want to share with everyone. The first one's for Sean:

“Joy in the universe, and keen curiosity about it all - that has been my religion.”

And this is for the rest of us:

“A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.”

And I've got this to brighten your morning. My kids like the Clash. They like the Stones. They like the Cars and Jonathan Richman and even the Kinks. But this is their latest favorite:

Happy Thursday!


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