Sunday, April 6, 2008

That Wascly Wabbit

I like Avatar. I like Batman. I like a lot of the cartoons my kids like to watch. I'm also sick of them. So I I switched some things up in my NetFlix queue, and this morning the kids enjoyed a Looney Tunes DVD.

I've not found Looney Tunes on TV. Am I crazy? Does it not exist anymore? Do I not know how to follow the TV Guide? Or do I watch so little television that I've forgotten how to find basic programming? Whatever the reason, the kids hadn't watched Looney Tunes until this morning, and it's about freakin' time.

They cracked up continuously. Sean and Nolan are pranksters--little practical jokers with an absurd and sarcastic sense of humor that seems beyond their years. Bugs Bunny's antics are right up their alley. And mine.

Mel Blanc was a genius.

I wish I had the DVD for last week, when my brother and sister stayed the weekend. They would have appreciated it. I saw them last night at Grandma's, where Ian, the kids and I enjoyed some Modern pies with everyone and played a little baseball in the backyard (until Nolan threw an absolute fit that he didn't get Sean out and hurled his ball and glove into the yard and stormed inside in tears. T-Ball should be interesting this year.).

At one point, as we sat around the kitchen table that used to be my Great Grandma's, my sister and Grandma leaned their heads in together to peer out the window at the garden where the flowers are holding their own in the chilly Spring. I had taken photos of the garden yesterday, along with the crocuses that popped up as they have every year in the secret hiding spots I had in the yard as a child growing up in her house. But the image that will stay with me is the tilt of Grandma and Grace's heads as they looked out the window together.

Today, Ian, the kids and I go house huntin'.



Anonymous said...

while surfing around one day for stuff about new haven i happened upon your blog. i've continued reading because your writing is really spectacular. it is relatable, entertaining, heartfelt and sometimes heartbreaking. i hope you write that book one day! thanks for sharing.

Milk Money said...

Thank you so much! Those were great words to read on a Monday morning! Thank you for reading. I hope I write that book one day, too. ;o)xoxo