Thursday, May 22, 2008

Date Night

With myself.

I didn't do anything particularly exciting. In fact, my ex-husband and I had dinner at my house with the kids before they all went off for the night, walking through a sunshower to the car. And as I waved to them from the back door while they pulled out of the driveway, we all noticed an absolutely spectacular rainbow behind my house:

The kids waved and smiled, and I did the same. Then I ran and grabbed the camera to capture this thing:

Just gorgeous. These pictures don't do it justice, honestly.

It was the first rainbow I had seen in three years, the last one being as I lay in the grass in Lenox, MA during a yoga workshop with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. Funny this one would come on the heels of another weekend of studying with her.

My favorite rainbow--yes, I said favorite rainbow--was one I saw with Grandma back when Sean was about five months old. My ex-husband and I, along with Sean and Grandma, met up on the New Haven Green for the Metropolitan Opera. There was a terrific thunderstorm, followed by a glorious rainbow in the clearing. I will never, ever forget that. It is one of my favorite memories.

Back to today. That moment I peered from the deck into the striped sky was a gift. A moment to pause and know I was pausing to do nothing but look up and admire.

Then I went to Stop & Shop. Yawn. Picked up some essentials for this weekend's birthday blowout for Nolan. Home, I took Cee Cee for a long walk in the twilight, smelling the grass, jumping over puddles, listening the birds cheep cheep goodnight. Back inside, I let Cee Cee lick the spoon after I devoured ice cream, readying myself for some serious goody-bag packing and pinata stuffing. Which I did happily on the living room floor, watching the game.

The game. The Yankees are in last place, and tonight they played the last of a three game series against the Orioles. And in the bottom of the 9th, the game tied at 1, the homeplate umpire paused before giving a call, allowing the catcher to tell him what he thought the call was. It wasn't in favor of the batter, Giambi. And the ump agreed.

Enter Joe Girardi, who channeled Billy Martin for the most exciting moment I've seen so far this season--maybe in years. He threw down his hat. He kicked dirt. He screamed, spit flying everywhere. He fired up the crowd and had me hollering and cheering from my living room floor, Batmobile pinata bouncing in my lap, Tootsie Pops flailing in my hands. Ejected from the game, Girardi instantly became my hero. For as much I loved Joe Torre for his stoicism, I can equally love Joe Girardi for some serious spark and fire.

The Yanks won right after that, when Cano knocked an RBI double into left field. I shared that moment with the dog. Then all was quiet, time for yoga. Nearly time for bed.

But first, a couple more photos from the week. First, baseball is obviously the sport of choice around here, regardless of how many teams you root for at once with your wardrobe. (For the record, Noly now has a Sox hat...)

And this, of Noly wearing his Vader helmet and riding the raptor. Just another day around this house:

Happy Thursday.

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