Thursday, May 29, 2008


Positive Mental Attitude

Sean has long been known to say, "You get what you get and you don't get upset." My ex-husband and I do not know where he picked this up, but we're happy he did. We can all learn from it.

In that vein, I have a few rules around our house: We don't call each other stupid; we try not to say "hate"--this requires extra effort on my part; and we do not say we can't do something.

This morning Sean tried to fix yet another Star Wars ship that Nolan received for a present at his birthday party. We have a fleet of ships in our house, and the kids can tell you the specs and functionality of every single one. As he struggled to fix the ship (it sure didn't look like an easy task, and I was happy he offered to help out), Sean dropped the ship in his lap and cried out,


"Sean!" I exclaimed, whipping up some soybutter and jelly sandwiches for today's lunchboxes. "We don't say can't."

"But this thing is never going to get back together!"

"Well if you say that and believe that, then what is going to happen?"

"It's never going to get back together."

"Right," I smugly replied. (If only I followed my own philosophy....)

"I know, I know. We try and try and try, right?" Sean replied, totally annoyed with the ship and now me. "And we never give up."

"Right, kiddo!"

Sean threw down the ship. "Except today. Today I give up."

He walked out of the kitchen.

I picked up the ship. After about five minutes, I managed to get it back together. Nolan and Sean weren't so impressed. After all, they'd done it before. Just not today. Today was my turn to try.


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