Friday, May 2, 2008


Nevermind that I'm trying to save money so Ian and I can buy the *right* house in the *right* town, where we and the kids will be part of a great community that puts its tax dollars to work. No. Nevermind all that saving business. This weekend, I'm going to buy a sewing machine.

I'm Etsy'd out! I need to start making my own purses and pillow covers, cute dresses for the daughter I don't have and curtains for the house I've yet to buy. Initial costs aside, this is an investment. A guarantee. A sure thing that will enable me to decorate my *new* place with things I've made myself with fabrics I actually like, instead buying things from Target like everyone else. (Oh, I'll still do that. Believe me. But it will be tempered by my own design.)

And sewing will provide me with another outlet besides writing, besides yoga, besides game night and tag with my kids. It will give me a chance to exercise a different part of my brain--and it will provide me with the immediate gratification I need from creating something quickly. Honest to God, crochet is nice an' all. But I patiently wade through enough in my life, waiting for answers to unfold before me. So when I sit down to create something, I don't want to chain/turn yarn for hours and hours, nights on end (I'm slow with yarn, quick with words), just to make another baby blanket or horribly trendy cute creature. I want to sit down, pedal and push and shazam! I'll have a new duvet cover! Or better yet! I can create matching outfits like this for me and the kids!

Happy Friday. Yanks lost to the Tigers last night, much to Ian's delight. But I had fun with Ian at the game, drinking a couple of $9 beers and eating a pretzel. Tonight? Game night with me and my little boys. Probably Cadoo or Twister. Little League and birthday parties this weekend. And at some point, I'm disappearing for a long run. Once I sweat it all out, then I can sit down and relax.

And get busy with my new sewing machine.



Chatty said...

Aunt Barbara handed down her 20 year old Singer to me about five years ago, I was so psyched. I was going to make so much, my own curtains, table linens, dresses, Halloween costumes...the list goes on. Well, it sat in the cellar until two weeks ago. Since, I have made five pillows, taken in two pairs of work scrubs and made 1 1/2 curtain valances. (I will finish, I swear!) It's fun. Something new, and I love it.. Never mind the stitches weave in and out like a Friday night drunk on 95, it's the satisfaction that I did it myself. And my stitches will get straighter, I promise myself that everyday. Or maybe I need to try the machine with a few beers, so i can weave in and out, and keep the stitches straight! Have a great time with yours!! xoxo.

Milk Money said...

"Or maybe I need to try the machine with a few beers, so i can weave in and out, and keep the stitches straight!" -- Kerry, you have no idea how much I needed that laugh this morning. Thank you! I'm waiting for some cool fabric to arrive from Any day now, any day now..... PS. Renee is coming with me to your place on 6/13. Is that okay???

Chatty said...

Of course, love to have Renee! Can't wait! love ya! muah!