Friday, May 9, 2008

Springtime in New Haven

So the city of New Haven is cutting more than 100 positions, shutting down a school and cancelling a lauded early reading program, among other budget cutbacks. Don't worry, my politically connected dearies who have landed your civil service jobs solely on the basis of who and not what you know: You'll be fine.

As for everyone else? Well, I guess we can all look forward to the Festival of Arts & Ideas as our annual perk for living here.


In other news, last night I attended a PTA meeting at the private school my children attend (their one worthwhile shot at a robust education in this town, especially in light of budget cuts--and especially since I left Westville in the dust, along with Edgewood School). I met with this year's teachers, next year's teachers, discussed curriculum, fundraising, and other events, chatted with parents and geared up for the end of the school year. We've made some nice friends during the past year, so I am glad that the kids will remain there for a least one more year, if not longer. And I'm proud to say my kids are students of that school, especially since it was just recognized in the top 10% of parochial schools in New England.

But it's a chunck outta my wallet, lemme tell ya. For now, for them, it's worth it.

Other exciting news? My work email account has been hacked, and I've been awaiting my pinup photos from LoveSpell Studio forever. Turns out that Allison sent them almost two weeks ago, along with a DVD of ALL the images. But I've never received them. When I told this to Ian, his immediate reaction echoed my thoughts exactly: "Oh, shit. You mean some dirty fucking mailman is beating off to your photos somewhere? Great."

Ugh. Makes me wanna vomit.

Back to brighter things: Today I head to Nolan's class for an afternoon Mother's Day tea. And maybe this weekend I'll even squeeze in a run, since the scribbly storm cloud that descended over my head earlier this week has finally lifted--I think.

It's May. It's the heart of spring, the first few sips of summer. The blooming flowers, the warm sun, the clean night air...Nolan's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, too. He's going to be four years old. I remember his first birthday like it was this morning. I remember many things like they were this morning. To think he was only a year old when the shit hit the fan in my marriage. He was just a baby.

So was I.

Tonight I'd love to go out, but I think I need to stay in. I contemplated calling up Craig and dragging him out for a few beers. But it's been a rough week, so a night in front of the sewing machine is what is best right now, while I look forward to the spring and summer ahead of me. Seasons of no expectation. A few months to simply Be and see what comes my way.

Here's "You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do What You're Told)" from the White Stripes for your Friday. Enjoy.


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