Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Week in the Life

I sewed something! It's like a little pocket...without pants. It's actually the start of a little make-up bag. A very, very simple project that I'm "designing" myself, since the process of simply winding the bobbin and threading the machine was so involved that I had no leftover energy to follow a pattern. Patterns...patterns are so....conformist. (That's the liberal viewpoint required of someone who simply has no idea what she's doing with a sewing machine.)

Last night I got loose and busy with my machine, housed some Dozo takeout with Ian, and then watched the Yanks take a beating by the Tigers (again). Ian left for work, and I spent the next hour or so with more ginger tea (I drink a lot of it), and some yoga before passing out cold in bed with the dog, who spoons with me. It's quite sweet.

Sunny morning. No game today for the kids' team. A long walk down to Lighthouse with the dog is in order before the kids come home. I'm so glad I'm not moving right now. I can't imagine leaving this place, this neighborhood, this short walk to the beach. Not now, anyway. Not just yet. Summer hasn't even begun.

Later today we'll do dinner at Grandma's for an early Mother's Day get-together. As for the "real" day tomorrow, I plan to fill the hummingbird feeder with the kids and be outside with them as much as possible, potting the plants they bought me at school. That's all I need. Fresh air and my boys. Maybe some pancakes.

Before I go, here a few pics from the last week. Just felt like sharin'.

The blooms from Grandma's yard:

Our kitchen is very sunny in the morning. Nolan improvises during breakfast in his Tigers hat:

The boys, beating each other with an iced tea bottle. I don't know if brothers get closer than this:

Cee Cee and her Noly. The dog is beside herself when the boys aren't home:

One of Sean's latest Lego creations. He gets bored with the kits and makes his own designs:

And finally, my sewing project! All it needs is the flap and snap! Yay!

Not a bad week after all.

Happy Saturday.


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