Monday, June 9, 2008

Despite the heat it'll be alright

I could have driven 90 minutes to RI beaches yesterday, but why waste gas? I've got a beach two blocks from my house, so I hit it with that Ian guy, and together we people watched and soaked up rays. Ian met me there, since I can handle more time in the sun than he can, and when he arrived I was smack in the middle of the beach on my blanket and taking in the sights of all kinds of fun people: Muslim women in full dress, covered head to toe; 200lb Latinas in bikinis (celebrate that body, girl!); 100% white trash with coverup tats and cut-off jean shorts to wear in the water. Then there were the rest of us, of varying shapes and sizes and colors, there to bare some skin and test the waters. Be. You. Tea. Full. A fantastic day in the heat and sun.

We walked home mid-afternoon, in time for that post-beach beer on the front porch while we watched the loooooooooooooong line of traffic backed up more more than a 1/2 mile from the beach entrance. Then the skies turned black and opened with a torrential downpour. Suddnely all the cars were then stuck going the other direction. Ian and I laughed at the sight as we closed windows and turned on lights around my house. The wind was wild and the lightning was all around us. The dog was unphased, happily squeaking one of her toys while trees lashed outside. I felt for anyone out on a boat who found themselves stuck in that storm--and after reading this morning's news, I was sad to hear that someone was actually killed by lighting while seeking shelter at Hammonasset State Park in Madison. Talk about your time being up.

Ian and I are officially easing into the zone of what-comes-next, with discussions about wedding invitations, guest lists, and other planning as of late. It's fun, and it's not stressful (except for the costs involved). The wedding is early enough next year that we need to hash out some more details now. We've got the place, the caterer and the photographer. Everything else will come together as it needs to. And I've had so much fun looking at dresses. I'm NOT going for anything that smacks of traditional bridal wear. I'm not going for the second-marriage "champagne" dress, either. Nope. First of all, I look terrible in that color. Second of all, I want something strappy and snappy, with a little color and class. Something smart and timeless, something fun to wear. My options are endless. And I won't have to dye shoes to match.

It's Monday. I don't have much to say except things right now feel great. I've hit this stride where I'm feeling really good in the moment, not too rushed about the next steps I'll be taking, but having fun planning and preparing all the same. Inhale. Exhale. Branford Fest is next weekend. I'll have fun with the kids at that. And I think I see a mango roll from Dozo in my future.

Happy Monday.


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