Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just Yesterday

Sean grabbed a piece of paper this morning and wrote on it, carefully and deliberately, with green and yellow crayon:
Goodbye Spring! Hello Summer!

A boy after my own heart, for sure.

Summer is definitely here. How it happened is a mystery to me. Just yesterday I was unpacking boxes and moving into my new place with the kids, leaving our old home and much of that life behind us. Just yesterday I was sitting in the small kindergarten chairs at parent orientation at the start of the schoolyear, talking to the parents of Sean's new classmates and marveling that my first-born was growing so quickly. Just yesterday was Halloween, the big costume parade with hundreds of people marching by the Seawall. Just yesterday was Ian's proposal, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Sean's sixth birthday, February vacation, a new job, the start of the baseball season, a trip to Yankee Stadium, a trip to Shea Stadium, the first day at the beach...Just yesterday.

I don't know where it went. This past year blew by more quickly than any I have ever known. Nolan's birthday party was already a month ago...

...when Nolan and his posse got together for some serious light saber battles. Now he's going into his last year of Pre-K.

And then yesterday was Sean's last day of school...

...and he had a few hours left in class with his best buddy and his favorite girl before the last bell rang for the year and they walked out the door as new first graders.

Last night, we capped off Sean's monumental day with a big night of bowling. Today, after their little league game, the boys and I went strawberry picking with Nolan's best buddy and his mom at Jones Farm in Shelton. I have more strawberries than I know what to do with. I don't believe that actually classifies as a "problem".

I'm sitting on my couch, warm, barefoot, and happy to be in the skin of my favorite season, looking forward to what's next, but really loving the now. Yeah, yeah. We've all heard it before, but it's true: Every day gives us, again and again, only this moment. And yesterday was ... just yesterday. Blow it a sincere kiss goodbye and hug what you have left of the daylight or stars.

Happy Summer!

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