Monday, June 9, 2008

On a Dime

The kids are watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Not the greatest Indy movie, but it's better than half the other things they could be watching right now, right? On a hot night with cold sandwiches and ice cream for dinner, the only option is quiet time with a movie. Anything else requires effort.

This requires effort, too, though, as the kids try to make sense of who straddles the line as a good guy and a bad guy in the movie. Most characters are transparent enough, but some are harder to read. Some seem to play for Team Indy. But in the end, they only have their own interests at heart.

I wish I could tell the kids it was all fiction, but when it comes to matters of character and relationships, you can only really know yourself. There is nothing quite like the sting of discovering people aren't quite what you believed them to be.

It's hot. I'm glad. This is the only weather in which I feel alive. While those closest to me sweat and complain, I make no apologies for my contentment.

I had a crappy end to an otherwise okay day. Tomorrow's a new one.


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