Friday, July 4, 2008

Lighter Fluid Beach Funtimes

The neighborhood has officially exploded with traffic. Cars are parked--almost strewn--everywhere, and up and down the roads as far as I can see are people with coolers, umbrellas, chairs, bags of charcoal. All of them headed a couple of blocks to Lighthouse, where they've already closed off the parking lot because it's filled to capacity. Even if it wasn't, we'd have plenty of cars all along the streets, since many beachgoers don't have the NH registration to get into the park for free, and they'd rather risk a parking ticket (unlikely) than pay the $10 to get in.

I walked Cee Cee down to the beach around 10AM. The place was already jumping. Despite the dead-low tide, the water was packed with kids and the splashpad was teeming with little ones trying to cool off in the humidity. There isn't much sun today, although it's trying its best to break through. Still, it's hot. And in the midmorning haze, most people already had their grills going, their beers open, and their party most definitely ON. I still have the taste of lighter fluid downwind in my throat.

Cee Cee and I strutted on home, an extra wiggle in our walk given all the salsa playing down at the beach. A few cops waved: "How you doin' today?" I waved back: "Fine, thanks. You?" "Fiiine...stay cool today, alright?" "I'll do my best." Wink, nudge. Behold! The power of tits in a bikini top! Then it was home to make "patriotic" t-shirts for the kids with the magic of a color printer and iron-on transfer sheets. Sean's shirt features the Superman "S" made of stars and stripes. Nolan's has the simple and effective symbol from Captain America's shield. They're going to love them, and hopefully they won't fight over them.

Soon, I'll be making cookies and salad and other stuff for today's party at Kevin and Rachel's. But first, before the boys get home and while Ian is out riding bikes with Kirk (awww...ain't it sweet), I'm going to enjoy a big glass of lemonade on my front porch and take in every bit of the summer madness that's descended upon my neighborhood. I love it here.

This keeps the mood going, too:

Happy Fourth of July!!!

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