Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Mundane, Open to Interpretation

A few nights ago I dreamed I was riding as a passenger in a car that was moving too fast and wasn't stopping for some barricade ahead. I used two hands to pull up the emergency brake, which seemed stuck, and the car came to a screeching, freight-train halt, clanging and clashing and banging. Odd.

That dream was a nice departure from what I have been cooking up in my sleep lately. The last few years I've gone through periods of recurring dreams at night. The plot isn't necessarily always the same, but the characters and ending usually are. The dreams come, stick around--on and off--often for weeks at a time, and then they they go away again. I had thought I was in the clear, but they came back a couple of weeks ago. They're not nightmares, they're just...annoying. Somewhere in the deep recesses of my little brain I'm obviously trying to "work something out", which is the only reason I attribute to having these dreams from time to time. Regardless, I've stopped trying to figure out what they mean or why I'm having them. The less energy and attention I give them, the quicker they might go away.

Last night was different, too. I dreamed a wonderful teacher was leading a group of children, including mine, through the ocean on a swimming lesson. They were lined up behind him, one after the next, and behind the line of children were a school of fish, and ducks, and other marine life. It was like a strange little Disney movie, until an airplane -- which had been closely followed by birds -- dove into the water. But it wasn't a plane after all. It was a motorcycle, being driven by the teacher who had just been leading the children. And he dumped the bike, laughing. The kids scattered out of the water.

Maybe it was my burger from Prime 16 last night, or the beers I had a Firehouse 12. Who knows. But in the dream I was upset with the teacher, and I quickly wrapped up my kids in big hugs and towels when they ran scared from the water.

I'm going to the beach for some serious alone time this morning. I don't anticipate any motorcycles crashing into the surf. Just me and several hundred New Haveners showing some skin. I'm supposed to go to Costco later today, to exercise my right to consume in bulk. The jury's out on that one, though. I might change my mind.

Here's some T.Rex for your Sunday:


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