Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Haven Fireworks and Punk Rock PreSchool

Tomorrow is the fourth. The kids/Ian/me will hang out with our friends at a BBQ and watch NH fireworks from the Seawall. I see many sparklers and hot dogs and beers in my future. Our friend Kevin, whose house we're going to, has the best tattoo: The underside of one forearm says "Elm"...the other says "City". If only I was that dedicated to this town. could I devote myself to New Haven in ink? Maybe I could get a tattoo of one city neighborhood at a time. "Wooster Square" can go on my stomach; "The Cove" can go on my heart; "Westville" can go on my ass.

And today, while trolling for Minor Threat videos on YouTube, I found the best thing EVER. These kids rule:


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Renee said...

I love the straight-edge X on the kid's hand!