Saturday, August 30, 2008

Here, There, Everywhere

"No matter where you go, there you are."

Long one one of my favorite quotes.

Tonight, 3-1/2 glasses of wine deep after a night on the deck of my good friend/next door neighbor Mary, I can finally say a few things about the past week:

1. Moving sucks. The idea of moving is great; the physical act of moving--the boxes, the dust, the random carloads of utter crap that has no place in boxes or the garbage--that sucks.

2. Ian and I finally live together. With two kids. And two dogs. And turtle and a fish. I'm re-learning how to live with a "significant other"; Ian is learning how to go through the motions with a family in tow. It's so worth it, and we'll ace this transition. But it is a transition, so it requires some patience and adjustment.

3. Great neighbors, like great friends, make all the difference.

4. I can hear crickets here, and not much else.

5. We're mostly unpacked, which is nothing short of a major miracle.

6. Camping midweek at Camp Burlingame in R.I. was just what the doctor ordered for one night after several days of boxes and dust. It re-calibrated all of us, especially after a long swim in the lake.

7. I have had countless episodes of deja vu since we moved in here.

8. Did I ever tell you that tulip trees tower over our backyard? And peonies grow beside the garage....

9. It's time for bed.

10. I am blessed, blessed, blessed...................................


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