Friday, September 12, 2008

Life is a Journey, with Steve Perry to Guide You

I'm pissed that all the YouTube videos for Journey's "Separate Ways" have their embedding disabled. So annoying. I was totally psyched to post it here today, after hanging out at Renee's last night, where Courtney and I had a long talk about the relative awesomeness of Journey (which I finally understand at age 35), and in particular the greatness of that video. Courtney was STOKED to talk about it: "You know all those songs are about his ex-wife? It's so sad! And "Oh, Sherry"??? That's about her--and she's in the video!"

We then went on to talk about how we missed the days when "Hot" rockstars were so freaking ugly and not hot at all. I miss those days. They just rocked, and that's what made them so awesome. Steve Perry wouldn't stand a chance in these metrosexual times.

Last night was so great. Such a simple, good night with friends that didn't involve being at Toad's for a show. We ate cake and pretzels and drank wine. The girls talked away and made lots of jokes at the boys' expense--the boys being Renee's boyfriend Jeff, Ian, and Laurie's amazing-and-growing-like-a-weed son, Chris. Just the four of us girls and the guys. Talking about the mundane (Journey), the big stuff (fill in your own blanks here), and fun stuff like crime. Case in point: Courtney's purse was stolen on Chapel St. yesterday. We all wondered why Craig wasn't there to save her.

Craig. Craig is one of the most incredible friends that I have, and I'm honored and blessed to have him as such a close person in my life. Especially since he is a writer by day and superhero by night. Just read the following police report from the New Haven Independent:

Daylight Mugging At Edgewood Park
by Melissa Bailey
September 2, 2008 5:02 PM

A 33 year-old woman walking in Edgewood Park was punched twice and then robbed Sunday afternoon.

The incident occurred around 1:25 p.m.

The woman was walking near the foot bridge past the dog run, that connects the road through the park with the woods on the other side of the West River. The mugger took her wallet and fled. The woman screamed.

A friend of the woman happened to be riding his bike through the park at the time on his way home from work. He rode after the mugger on the dirt path, caught up with him, and confronted him. He demanded that the mugger give him the bag he was carrying. The mugger did. He also flashed a screwdriver, and got away.

It turned out the bag had other people’s wallets in it, but not the woman’s.

The block watch is circulating an as-yet unconfirmed report that two 14-year-olds may have been mugged in the park, too.

Craig is the "friend of the woman". To quote one comment after the article, Craig has "balls the size of church bells" for confronting the mugger. I'll say. I've had AC/DC's "Hell's Bells" in my head for more than a week.

But even superheroes can't be everywhere all the time, so Courtney was SOL when her purse disappeared yesterday. She was more upset about the fact that it was her only fancy-pants accessory--a Marc Jacobs--than about having to cancel the cards inside it. I commented that I'm trying to be less attached to stuff, but even I would be bummed if I lost a Marc Jacobs. Then the conversation turned to seven years ago yesterday, and how on 9/11 and in the days immediately following, the value of a designer purse would have been easily relegated to the bottom of the priorities barrel.

Courtney also spent 45 minutes on hold with the police dept. after she called in to report her purse missing. The irony is that it was stolen just a couple of blocks from the scene of a major police investigation that is currently underway after two New Haven officers crashed their squad cars while responding to a domestic call in Fair Haven late Tuesday night. One officer is dead; the other remains in critical condition. It's been a sad week in New Haven.

I never used to appreciate the work of police officers until I lived in Westville and frequently called in some pretty nasty crap I saw going on in the neighborhood. Perhaps the turning point was the night I called in an obvious asshole drugdealer parked in front of my house, waiting to sell to someone who was more than likely about to drive up and toss money through the car window and receive his dope through the same. I had seen it a million times before, especially when I was home during the day with two little kids.

I called it in (I kind of HAD to, since I was a blockwatch captain. My neighbors called me McGruff.). Within minutes, several squad cars arrived and blocked in the car. As I watched from my bedroom as Office Lalli, a cop I had come to know through the blockwatch, step out of his car and approach the rolled-up, tinted windows of the bass-thumping, shitty Integra parked outside my house, my heart leapt to my throat. Police officers never know what the hell they're walking into. Ever. That kind of bravery does not excuse the bullshit some cops pull when they abuse their power and authority. But it made me respect cops much, much more.

They arrested the driver. It even made the paper, since the arrest netted $2k worth of heroin AND $2k in cash. Idiot. And of course the seller was some white trash kid from the Valley. Nice.

Anyway, back to today:

It's Friday. I am so tired. I was up past my bedtime last night, and I overslept this morning, since the kids were at their dad's and Ian & I had the odd day without two boys jumping on the bed at 6AM. This weekend I'll finish up sewing the kitchen valances, and maybe I'll even make a dent printing some photos. At the very least, I'm going to get some yoga in. I'm also going to play with my new Sony cellphone. I love new toys! I love expensive phones that I can get for a penny from Amazon, as part of some "deal" that is really just a bunch of BS but makes me feel like I got a bargain! Wheee!! Hooray for fancy, red $400 cellphones that are only worth $50!

And next on the agenda: We'll finally meet the JP who is going to marry us. :o)

Don't forget about Journey.

Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

REO Speedwagon's "Keep on Loving You" -- I still love that song, too. They make Journey look like Zeppelin, come to think of it. If you can't quite bring your indie rock heart to embrace such orchestral production, Evan Dando does a lovely, sloppy cover of it.

Driving around house shopping this weekend (the grim, tired of this sort of house shopping - not the bright eyed, early in the game type) I plugged my iPhone into the dashboard (love new cars w/Aux inputs!) and made my poor husband listen to Phish doing a bluegrass version of Gin & Juice (yep, the Snoop song) full blast. First thing Sunday morning, pre-coffee. I've no idea why this makes me so very happy, but it does. As Steve Perry would say, Thankfully.
-Julia, still working on that sign-in issue

Milk Money said...

Just admit it: You don't really give a shit about the sign-in issue. Neither do I. I mean really, don't you have more important issues?? ;o)

House buying? What? What? In Doah-chest-ah? I should really just send you an email in response to that one you sent me a month ago.

Anyway...REO Speedwagon. Man, I am so not there yet in my appreciation of roller rink rock. But Phish doing Gin & Juice? Seriously, Julia. How's that crack habit working out for ya? I spent extra time at the packy on Saturday. I stopped in to get a sixer of Modelo, and I wandered around listening to "Faithfully" on the store stereo. I almost cried. It was a beautiful moment in the Sherry aisle. Oh!

Thank you, ladies and germs. I'll be here all week.

Love and miss you!