Monday, September 8, 2008

Put It on The List

There are lots of lists in our house. They are typically broken down into the following categories: grocery store; hardware store; pet store; Costco; To-Do's for the kids' school; wedding planning, and so on. But there is one list that trumps all others. It is simply known as The List.

The List cannot be found on paper anywhere in the house, nor is it limited to purchases, tasks, or future planning of one sort or another. Instead, The List is simply a memorized and oft-referred to Grand Plan of Chores, Errands, Things, Dates, Budgets, Hopes, and Dreams. Anything is fair game for The List. In fact, most things are assigned to The List before they are appropriately reassigned and recategorized into a sub-list.

An example goes something like this:

Me: "Honey, we should really fix the leak in the shower."

Ian: "It's on The List."

This means it's in his brain, and he won't forget to write down the supplies he needs next time he heads to the hardware store. [Note: Ian went to the store today with a list, and later fixed the shower. What a man.]

Another example goes something like this:

Me: "Honey, I really want to get an apartment on the Riviera. Can we do that?"

Ian: "It's on The List."

So far, that item (and many other items of mine), have remained fixed on The List and have not yet been "reassigned".

In that vein, we tackled a lot this weekend: The last room to get organized--the study--was finally put in some kind of order. I managed to get halfway through sewing the bathroom curtains, in between two neighbors stopping by with their kids and my mom calling me on the phone "for just a sec". Long walks with the dogs, Thai with Ian Friday followed by beers with Renee and Jeff at le Rude, downloading the latest Beck album, and cooking a yummy gnocchi and pesto dinner on Saturday went a long way in making the weekend awesome. Not to mention the kids playing with the hose in the driveway yesterday, as we washed my car and simultaneously hosed down Cee Cee (Sparkplug ran and hid--she's not a big fan of the hose)...and the grass...and the neighbor's grass....and the kitchen window...and each other.

Ooh! And I have a basketful of apples I'm going to core and peel with my new apple peeler from Heide! I'm all set to make streudel.... mmmmm....where is my domestic goddess crown? Oh, right...tarnished and tossed long ago. Time to get a new one, I guess.

In other news, the wedding invitations have been picked out and purchased (Oh, Etsy!!! How I love thee!!). My sister and I will finally go dress shopping in a few weeks. I'm so looking forward to that, since I'm not buying a traditional "bridal" gown. In fact, I'm not buying a gown at all. I'm not even buying anything that falls below my knees.

Today is spectacular. Have you been outside? I went home at lunch to play with the dogs and eat leftovers. The sky is such a gorgeous blue. I had forgotten how beautiful early September can be. Beautiful time of year for a birthday. This Thursday is Renee's. We'll celebrate it at the Supersuckers show...

In the spirit of that, here's some old Supersuckers for ya, back when I used to go see them at the Wetlands and CB's. I think this week will be the sixth or seventh time I've seen them. Eddie Spaghetti. Swoon.....

Happy Monday.

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