Friday, September 5, 2008

Taxes, Fabric, Drinks on a Friday

My car needs an oil change. I also need to finally pay my car taxes. We had an issue where my car was being taxed in the wrong town, because our section of New Haven shares a zip code with the neighboring East Haven. I knew that if I ignored the oversight and paid the taxes for East Haven--which are far cheaper--it would all eventually come back to bite me in the ass. So I had the error corrected, and now I owe $577 to the City of New Haven. How's THAT for a bite in the ass?

As a result, I am at risk of getting the boot on my car until I pay up, which I plan to do next week. I plan to take Ian's car on the errand to City Hall, as well, since it would be my Irish luck to get towed while inside paying the late bill (officially due yesterday, since my transfer of taxes didn't happen until August). I won't argue with a chance to drive the 4matic.

However, tonight when I head out with Renee and Jeff for our quarterly visit to Rudy's while Ian's working, I'll leave my car in a nearby lot. I do NOT need to leave the bar after a couple of beers and a pile of frites to find my car missing. Not tonight--a night long overdue at the crap-ass dive bar we all love to hate because we love it so much. I'm sure we'll be out of there before 10:30. I'm a lightweight, and that is a good thing.

In the meantime, I've got bidniss to finish up here at work. Heide's left for maternity leave and I am SO SAD. I miss her already. As for the house, we're pretty well settled in, with our quirky, snaking stairwell bedecked in Ian's awesome collection of movie posters (Scorpio, Marnie, Blade Runner...). The last room to officially tackle is the study, which right now needs more shelves because our combined collection of books has taken over the house and spilled onto the floor with nowhere left to go.

I also plan to finally sew up some curtains for the bathroom and kitchen this weekend. For the bathroom, I'm using cooordinating prints from Heather Ross that rock:


And for the kitchen, I've got some of Sandi Henderson's Apple Dot cotton. I LOVE this fabric. I cannot wait to use it:

Decorating has been a blast. I'm a big fan of vinyl wall decals, too. For the kids' room, I picked up this guy from HumsandTiddelyPoms on Etsy:

I also grabbed a similar one from her that is a replica of a Lego Mars Mission ship. Unfortunately, I don't have an image to show you, but it's awesome. When I get off my duff and start taking pics of the house, I'll post 'em here.

It's Friday. It's about time. I'm looking forward to a long rainy day with the newspaper and my sewing machine tomorrow.

Ooh...random thought after last night's Open House at the kids' school, in which we learned we'll having a Beer Tasting AND a Wine Tasting as fundraisers this year: Dean Martin had the better voice; Frank Sinatra had the better character. But this is not only one of my favorites from Dino, it's pretty funny, too:

Happy Friday, all y'all....


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