Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby, I Can Drive Your Car

Tomorrow I'll be gardening. Sewing and gardening. At least that's the plan for my day off with no plans. I have bulbs to shove in the ground and some new perennials I'd like to plant.

I also have a peony to transplant from its ostracized home on the far side of the garage, and I have some myrtle to transplant from my grandmother's yard. Grandma also has a spectacular Montauk Daisy that I'd like to split--but I don't know how to properly do that. And I'm afraid I'll kill it trying. If anyone has any tips on splitting Montauks or transplanting peonies, I'm all ears!

Tomorrow also marks the day we get rid of Ian's Benz. It's a great car that we've loved for the past 10 months or so. But the truth is, Ian only bought that car because his Volvo was stolen, and the insurance he received covered the purchase of Benz, which he adores (not to mention it was a big middle finger to the little shit who stole his car). While it's a great car that's been plagued with relatively few expensive issues and random check-engine lights, the bottom line is that Ian wants a truck. He's had lots of trucks in his life, and he misses driving one. Since the Benz is paid off, it gives him a really good trade-in value at the dealer, where he'll be picking up an '09 4x4 5-speed Tacoma.


I can't wait! It's about freakin' time. All the cars I've ever driven have been automatic--even my mom's little '79 Fiat Spider. All automatic. So I'll finally get my chance, and hopefully I won't burn out the clutch as we tool around the parking lot at Lighthouse.

I think the best thing about Ian buying the truck is that the kids are going to be stoked. They might miss the Benz--which they affectionately refer to as the blue starship. But once they hop into the truck's extended cab, their grade-school testosterone levels are sure to be sparkin'. I see many trips to the dump in their future.

And I get to keep my car, which I prefer over the Benz anyway. This half-pint just can't reach the pedal comfortably in that blue German behemoth.

Happy Thursday.


Julia said...

I'm so jealous! I have a perfectly lovely 06 Honda Element -- froggy green, even -- but I still miss my Nissan pickup. I've been craving a Toyota . . . but I just can't justify it yet. Next car, though. And driving a stick, well, you'll get the hang of it -- think like a yogi. It's all about balance between the pedals. ;-)

Renee said...

Once you learn, you'll have to teach me! Have a great day off tomorrow!

Milk Money said...

Maybe I can get a good Kundalini mantra going with the clutch: Sa-ta-na-ma.....

The cred of a pickup is so much more up my alley than a fancy pants car, anyway. A pickup and an Outback...that's more our speed.