Saturday, October 4, 2008

Birthday Nerf Fun Times

Before I get down to showing you a few pics of my handiwork around the house, first let me say that the kids are beside themselves with excitement for my brother Jack's 12th birthday party today. (My brother and I have 23 years between us.) The kids will join Jack and seven of his friends in a serious Nerf Gun Battle in the backyard of my mom's uber-American suburban house on a cul-de-sac in tony Madison.

I didn't grow up there, for the record.

But it really is a lovely place for kids to play, and the kids cannot wait. Bright and early this morning they were already "in training", practicing their tactics and shots. As I lay in bed, praying for five more minutes of sleep, I heard the kids downstairs, skidding around on the floors and taking shots at anything and everything. Something made Nolan laugh hysterically, and Sgt. Sean was not amused: "Nolan," he yelled. "There is NO LAUGHING during training! Do you understand?"

I'm not surprised he's the one who wants to join the Air Force. For real.

Anyway, I've got a few things to share with you. First, this is from my friend Bill, who forwarded this from the Huffington Post:

And really, while I could blog away about the VP debate, this flowchart just about sums it up. She said NOTHING about ANYTHING. She was coherently vacant. And that's all I have to say about that.

Enough of politics. Let's look at curtains and stuff!

First, the valances I made for the kids' room:

And the upstairs bathroom:

Wall decals on the stairs:

More shots of the stairs, because they are one of my favorite features of the house. These pics don't do them justice. But then again I never really claimed to be a photographer:

My awesome little guys on their first day of school:

My dogs, clearly understanding that we bought the new couch for them:

My newest baby, Sparkplug, affectionately known as Sparkles. She is an 80 pound 6-year-old hunka boxer/pitbull love, and the laziest dog I know. She lets the kids dress her in bunny ears and crawl all over her with hugs and kisses. She understands they're her boys now. So now we've got two dogs in the house, and this one has quickly established herself as the Alpha. A mellow alpha, but still the alpha. I love this girl:

Cee Cee is still my baby, though. She comes to work with me on Fridays. Everyone there loves her, and yesterday she even got to hang out with baby Mimi when Heide came by for a visit! There are very few dogs who can lay on the floor calmly next to a two-week old, but Cee Cee showed her mama-side and did such a good job.

That's all folks. Time to go for a long morning walk and get ready for an afternoon of little boys everywhere.

Happy Saturday.

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