Monday, October 13, 2008

Fresh Air

It was a whirlwind weekend of kids, pumpkins, gardens...all the good stuff. I'll post pics in a sec, but first I've gotta share this one with you:

About five minutes ago I was snuggling with Nolan as he twirled my hair and drifted off to dreamland. Sean sighed heavily and turned under the covers on the top bunk. Then he announced,

"I am going to need a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig piece of paper for my Christmas list this year!"

I smiled. "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah! My list is going to be as long as one of Obama's speeches!"

I kid you not. He said that.

I'm not surprised. There's lots of political talk in the house--and at their dad's house. And yesterday I rocked my Obama t-shirt for a morning of pumpkin picking. Tonight while watching the news, Nolan said, "John McCain is the evil team and Obama is with the good guys."

"You got that right!" I answered.

"Yeah!" he said. "And I want to be on the good guy's team! Do you want to be on the good guy's team, Mommy?"

"I sure do!"

At least we agree on something. After riding in Ian's new truck yesterday, Nolan plainly stated, "I never want to ride in you car again, Mommy! Ian's truck is AW-SOME!"

It was a packed weekend...a great weekend. We kicked it off at temple on Friday night. Me and Ian, bonafide goys, enjoyed a beautiful shabbat and naming ceremony for Josh and Heide's new baby, Mimi. It was a nice way to end a day of clearing out weeds and planting new perennials while Ian put up the new swing set in the backyard. On Saturday, I had the joy of hanging out with Ian's sister's son (and my nephew!) who is nine months old and just a love and a half.

Babies are so easy! I had forgotten how simple it can (sometimes) be to care for them. We hung out in the grass, watched the leaves on the tress blow in the breeze. We played with toys and ate lots of applesauce. And then he napped...forever. I scored two wicker porch rockers at a tag sale while on a walk with the little guy in Sean's old purple jogging stroller. And Sunday I got to hang with the little guy again. We picked pumpkins at Bishop's, and then Ian and I went home with the boys and spent the rest of the day outdoors.

All in all, I spent three whole days outside. I also cooked up pulled pork and apple crisp on Saturday and Shephard's Pie on Sunday. I watched lots of baseball and old episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Today? Full recalibration as a result of my long weekend of fresh air, general mellow-ness and hearty food. Awesome.

Tonight, baseball playoffs (go Dodgers!), yarn and a sick Ian on the couch. His cold from three weeks ago has no doubt manifested into nice little bronchial infection. My poor guy.

So here are some pics from punkin' pickin':

(From left to right) Ian's nephew, brother-in-law, my kids and Ian (wearing his Tigers hat as always):

Most awesome baby ever (next to my kids when they were babies, of course). I love this little guy:

Seany being Seany:

Noly being Noly:

The kids jumping around on haystacks with their uncle and most favorite baby cousin:

What we came for:

Dig Sean's lost tooth! He lost it last week. The second one on top is ready to go, too. He thinks we should carve the pumpkins to look like him.

Ah,'s not summer. But that's the point, right? I finally understand that.

Happy Monday.


Sheryl said...

Great pictures!

We've got teeth falling out all over the place in my classroom, too. I told the kids today that they look like a bunch of pumpkins ready for Halloween.

I miss Bishops and all of the pickin' that goes on there....apples and peaches and pears and, of course, pumpkins! Looks like y'all had a great time. It's awesome to see the smiles on those beautiful boys of yours!

Milk Money said...

Haha! Sean has seriously said he wants us to draw his mouth on the pumpkin--well, one of the pumpkins, since they picked out about 10. Sounds like you've got a bankrupt Tooth Fairy in NC! Bishops is great! We had planned to go to Lyman, but the boys went there to pick apples the day before with their dad, so Bishops it was. It was gorgeous--one of those stellar October days.

Are you coming home for Turkey Day?

Sheryl said...

Yes, we must have a bankrupt tooth fairy because I hear lots of tales of finding $20 bills under pillows. Unreal - I only got $1 per tooth. Never more. Inflation, perhaps?

Sadly, no, I won't be home until Christmas. I will either do Turkey Day dinner here with Joey or he and I will head to dinner over a friend's house. We'll see.

Milk Money said...

$20? Wow. For Sean's first lost tooth, the fairy brought a special fiver. For his second tooth, the fairy got crafty and gave him, appropriately, a $2 bill. For the third tooth, he got three bucks. For his fourth tooth, I'm pretty confident that the tooth fairy might give him a buck and some sugarless gum.

Give Joey all my love. hope to see you guys at Christmas!! xoxo