Friday, October 24, 2008

Gussy Up


I had tried to keep the wedding dress situation simple. It's an early-Spring cocktail-hour wedding with a cocktail-party kind of informality to it, so one would think I could easily find an appropriate, festive, classy little number for the occasion.

That isn't working out.

Turns out a taste for simple elegance is pretty expensive. I have long had a knack for being attracted to clothing and jewelery that is so understated it breaks the bank. So in my search for an appropriate yet informal "bridal" dress that doesn't scream GO FOR BROKE or CREAM PUFF, I've struck out at J.Crew more than three times, and I've found nothing in subsequent searches elsewhere. There are a few issues at play:

1. I'm petite.
2. I'm petite with not-so-petite tits.
3. I don't want to wear anything strapless.
4. Most of the dresses I've found are either too informal, too formal, or simply just too ugly.

So today I decided to leave the task--and my credit line--to the professionals, and I booked an appointment with a bridal shop to help me narrow down the choices. During my lunchbreak one lucky day next week, I'll wander into the store with pictures and style numbers in my pocket, and I'll hand over my affianced soul to the old ladies who know a thing or two about understated elegance for grown-up petite chicks.

The shop carries Watters & Watters, so I should be in good shape.

Phew. Invitations? Check. We've already made those and the save-the-date cards. In fact, there is a lot we are handling ourselves for the wedding, from the cupcakes to the favors to the bar...

But dressing myself--the bride? I need to trust someone else with that.

Tonight: Noodles and bubble tea with my friend Rachel!

Happy Friday!


mezarik said...

Sounds like this should be an article topic for the newsletter! ;-)
Good luck, especially with the non-strapless part. I think every bride from the last 10 weddings I've been to wore strapless. Even those who...shouldn't...really shouldn't... -Miss

Milk Money said...

Haha! Um...yeah. I've seen the mistakes of which you speak...