Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This is Getting Ridiculous

Sean lost a third tooth from the top row of his little mouth.

The kids are off school today so their teachers can attend a workshop, and they are spending the day with their father who has the flexibility to work from home a few days a week. A short while ago, my phone buzzed with a text message. There it was: A pic of Sean missing THREE teeth. Their dad wrote simply: Another tooth gone. Swallowed it.

The kid is GROWING. What's next? Will he start shaving next week?

Other things. I have a backlog of little things going on in my brain:

1. I've got a bunch of Moda fabric to get cracking on my next quilt project(s).
2. My lavender and rose of sharon plants have arrived from Spring Hill Nurseries for fall planting. Whee!
3. The squirrels are digging up my bulbs faster than you can say "shotgun".
4. I bought way too much at a Pampered Chef party the other night, including an avocado peeler. It might just be the best thing I ever purchased. Time will tell.
7. Cee Cee had her first seizure in several months last night. She fell right off the bed when it started at 3:30 AM, making me thankful that I agreed to ditch my very high princess-and-the-pea bed and use Ian's more modern platform bed in the new house. My poor little Cee Cee. She's fine today.
8. My favorite thing about steam radiators is that I can heat my towel on the one in the bathroom while showering. Ditto for the kids' towels.
9. I finished the kids' Halloween pillowcases. It was a nice surprise for the kids to find them when they turned down their covers for the night. Next up, Turkey Day and Christmas ones. And a new Christmas tree skirt.
10. Flowers, flowers everywhere. In one day last week, Grandma gave me a bunch of daisies and Ian sent me a dozen roses. They're all still alive and beautiful in my office.
11. I bought a new flavor of Yogi Tea this weekend: Chai Redbush. Ian read the box and then said, "What is that--the name of a porn star?" I love him.
12. I have discovered a new yoga class, and I have immediately become a disciple.
13. I have a new pair of Ryka sneakers. They're super-comfy and blue and remind me of my old Zips that I had as a kid. Ryka actually makes a shoe called "Moira". How funny is that?
14. I'm not so fond of the shrinking daylight hours, but at least we're only a couple of months away from turning the corner in that department.
15. Highlights! I've got highlights and I chopped off a lot of my hair! I figure that we're using extensions to do my hair for the wedding anyway, so I might as well cut off a bunch of it. I feel....I dunno. I just feel better.
16. Question: What's better than coming in for hot chocolate and cookies after a brisk Sunday afternoon spent outside with two little boys in the leaves, making a scarecrow and riding scooters? Answer: Nothing.
17. One day at a time.
18. One hour at a time.
19. One breath at a time.
20. I need to get a copy of The Englishwoman in America. John Lienhard reported today on WSHU the story of Isabella Bird. I was captivated. Here's a little reading for you:

Isabella Bird Wikipedia

That's all for today. Not feeling very prosaic, I'm sorry to say.

Oh, and if you want to order any Yankee Candles for a good cause, my kids' school is selling them as a fundraiser right now. I'm happy to put in an order for ya! Wink, nudge...wink...nudge...wink...

Happy Tuesday!

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