Thursday, October 16, 2008


The four of us--the kids, Ian and I--sat around the dining table last night and dug into a pizza for dinner. Mid-week is often pizza time in our house, and last night was no different.

For a brief, blissful moment, the house was silent except for the sound of chewing. And then we heard a strange cracking sound coming from Sean's mouth.

We all stared at him. The look on Sean's face was awful, as if he was chewing on a piece of bone...

...which he was.

"Sean, honey, let me see your tooth," I said. I titled up his mouth toward me and he opened it. Sure enough, his remaining front tooth had fallen out. And he was chewing it.

"Spit it out!" I said.

"First let me finish chewing," he garbled.

"No, spit it out or you're going to swallow it!"

Sean leaned forward and spit out the tooth, which was bloodless but covered in pizza sauce. We all stared at it and then high-fived Sean. Sean smiled the broad smile of a kid with two missing front teeth and the Tooth Fairy on the way. Again.

He is beyond adorable without those teeth. I mean--it's ridiculous.

Tonight I head off to a Pampered Chef party with my friend Mary, who I'll probably drag to Rudy's for a nightcap, since Ian is working tonight. I hope I make it past 9PM. Nolan's been waking me up at 5:30 all week. Last night I was positively fried and fell asleep somewhere around John McCain's 95th reference to Joe the Plumber.

I dislike being tired. It throws me off. When my body is tired my brain gets tired, and I can't think straight or reason well, and I become more anxious and panicky. I've always needed lots of sleep, and I need even more now that I'm getting a little, uh, older.

Age. It's evidenced by so many things. For me, it's the need to be in bed no later than 10. I've also been treated to a few more kinky grey hairs the past year. It's not so bad; they're barely visible and, according to Ian, kind of cute. But tomorrow I'm taking a trip to Katherine, my beloved "stylist". Together we'll devise a plan to chop my locks a couple of inches and throw in some complimentary highlights.

But no blonde. Lord knows, if there is one thing I have never been nor wished to be, it's blonde.

And for your Thursday, "Profanity Prayers", my absolute favorite song from Beck's new album. Just some random YouTube video:

Happy Thursday!



momof2gr8kids said...

awww I love when mine lose teeth.. it makees me sad in a way.. for the day they were getting those adorable baby teeth..

Milk Money said...

I was so sad when Sean lost his first tooth. It still makes me a little sad. I finally understand why my mother used to keep a bunch of my baby teeth in her jewelry box. At the time I thought it was kind of weird. But now can you guess where the Tooth Fairy has deposited all of Sean's lost teeth? I couldn't think of a better place for them than mixed in among my few precious gems, safely stored in a porcelain box from Tiffany.