Thursday, October 2, 2008

Veep, Weep

The boys and I read Dr. Seuss' The Lorax last night before bed (in addition to two others. I had cottonmouth when I was done reading). Anyway, if you haven't picked up that story in a while--or if you've never read it--do so. Even if you don't have kids. It had been some time since the boys and I had read it together. I honestly thought Nolan was going to cry during some of the book's darkest parts, not because it was scary, but because both of my little nature boys hate to see plants die or trees cut down.

For example, Sean still can't read The Giving Tree without bawling his eyes out. The old man and the short stump in the end just break the kid's sweet little heart. That book and Love You Forever can't even be mentioned around him, lest you wish to see the kid lose it.

Tonight there will be more reading and, after the kids are in bed, the vice presidential debate!!! Are you as excited for this as I am? Sarah Palin, Commander-in-Chief of Alaska, might share more of her genius foreign relations skills with the rest of us!!! Ooooh, can't wait can't wait can't wait!

In the meantime, I have a Shephard's Pie to make for dinner...


Happy Thursday!


Liam said...

That muppets clip makes me cry every time I see it... the passion Beeker has is just overwhelming...

And I thought you might enjoy this...

Milk Money said...

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! I LOVE it! Thank you!!!


Sheryl said...

I read The Lorax to my class several times a year and, if I'm being honest, that's mostly because it's one of my favorite books. It's just a bonus that the kids always love it, too!

I just read The Giving Tree to them two weeks ago. You guys have great taste in books!

But let me tell's hard to hold back the tears in front of 27 kids. Very hard.

Milk Money said...

It IS hard. I try not to read those books if I'm feeling exceptionally hormonal...which usually means I don't read those.

Thanks for the props, teach. I signed up to be a "guest reader" in each of the kids' classes this year. Not sure yet what I'll read for Sean's class; for Nolan's I've picked "Harold and the Purple Crayon"--one of my all-time favorites.

"...and the moon went with him..."


kerry said...

There is no book, or character, that I love more thatn the Lorax. He speaks for the trees, damnit! Those lovely Truffula trees! At then end of the book, and the movie, I always cry. "UNLESS"

P.S. I'd kick that Once-ler's ass if I could. And his whole family.

Milk Money said...

Haha! Sean said, "Why do they call him the Onceler anyway? That's a stupid name."

"Well he's not a very smart guy, is he?"

"You can say that again."