Monday, November 10, 2008

Spicoli Lives Pre-K

Nolan's nickname of late is "Noly Spicoli".

He's been known as "The Chugger" (he will drink an entire "thing" of [insert beverage here] in one sitting, without coming up for air). He has also been known as the "Howler Monkey" (his scream outdoes anything I've ever heard from a kid). And he's also proudly worn the title of "Cookie Monster," a nickname that requires no explanation.

But Noly Spicoli is perfect. Yes, he's only four, but he loves to say "dude", he refuses to wear anything except slip-on skater sneaks, and he likes to walk around while eating. He also likes to say, "Wouldn't that be so awesome?" about every idea that pops into his head. And he says it in his Dude voice, which is deep and goofy. The kid is hilarious.

So one day last week I picked up the boys from school, and it was like any other day. Nolan dragged his backpack along, scuffing down the hallway in his completely shot Simple slip-ons. (His Vans died a long, slow death, and giving up the Simples will only happen when his toes poke through them.) Sean chatted away about problems that need to be solved and projects that need to be built. And then Nolan shared that his class had begun to learn about Thanksgiving.

"Mo-ha-mom," he said in his Dude voice. "Do you know what I told my teacher today?"

"What, honey?"

"'I'm glad I'm not a turkey!'"

"That's pretty funny, Nolan."

"Cuz I don't want to be shot and stuffed," he laughed in his Dude voice. "Because that would NOT be so awesome!"


Happy Monday!

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