Monday, December 22, 2008

Wrapping It Up

Most of the presents are wrapped. A few Christmas cards were mailed. The teachers' gifts have been bought (succulents...a nice houseplant in a pretty pot. Thank you, Ikea!). The tree is up, the house is decorated, the Christmas dinner menu has been planned, and the groceries have been bought. Just have to hunt down some fresh cranberries.

Tonight the cookies will be baked.

Renee and Jeff will come by tonight for a round of baking and, at least when it comes to Jeff and Ian, helping the kids with their new Lego kits. My ex-husband's father positively spoiled the kids this Christmas, taking them to Toys R Us yesterday and allowing them to PICK OUT what they wanted. Sean picked out the Star Wars Federation MTT. For the uninitiated, that means Sean picked out a $100 kit that contains 1,326 pieces.

Exhibit A:

Upon returning home yesterday from his trip to the store with Dad and Grandpa C., Sean walked through the door with the Lego box that is nearly as big as him, and he announced, "I got to pick out the MTT!!! Grandpa C. had more than a hundred bucks in his pocket!"

Obviously. I hope he at least said thank you.

Nolan picked out two smaller items, in addition to a Spider-Man Megablock kit.

After their dad deposited them in the kitchen, shared with us the horrors of the icy roads between New Haven and Woodbridge, and then split, Ian and I were called into action. Ian spent a fair amount of time helping Nolan assemble his Spider-Man kit. Sean simply required assistance locating pieces. He had more than 1,000 Legos on the living room floor, separated into piles and bowls by color. He was somewhat organized, but it was still tough to find some of the smaller pieces.

As of this morning, Sean was about 1/4 of the way done with his new ship. Normally he rocks through the Lego kits in a couple of hours. He literally worked on that one yesterday for close to five hours. Impressive. At least he can focus. And at least he and his brother were kept busy while Ian went to the Rudy's Christmas party and I hung out at home, sewing.

Back to tonight: It's cookie night. Renee is bringing a bottle of wine and I'm supplying a few pounds of butter. The kids' last day of school is tomorrow, when they'll go in for the morning, during which time they'll have Christmas parties and eat bucketloads of candy and cookies. At noon tomorrow, the Christmas holiday will have officially begun for them--and for me, sort of. At the end of my workday on Tuesday, I'm off until the 5th. It's my first real "vacation" in a while. The first time I will have taken any time off to do...nothing. I'll hang out. Eat. Sleep. Play with the kids. Enjoy new Christmas toys. Sew. Crochet. Hit a few yoga classes. Walk the dog. Go to a play (Sedaris' "Santaland Diaries"--thank you, Ian!). I will not be moving from one house to another, which I have done my past TWO vacations. Nor will I be out of work and looking for a job, as I was last Christmas.

Hold on a sec...lemme just knock on wood.

Tonight's cookies: Chocolate chip, gingerbread, and some simple Rice Krispie treats made with Skippers, which are nut-free candy-coated chocolate candies from the Vermont Nut-Free catalog. M&M's are decidely unsafe for Sean, since they are "processed in a facility that has peanuts". I actually like the Skippers better. They taste fresher and more chocolately than M&Ms. And they're from a regional merchant. Support your indy candymaker!

I have lots of pics I need to post, too. I've completed several sewing projects lately, and I'd love to share them here. Don't hold your breath, though. I'm swamped for the next few days. And I don't want to add a single thing to my to-do list right now. I'll be on VACATION. After that, it's the new year. And Ian and I have an upcoming wedding that needs attention.

Time for me to retreat into my Domestic Goddess bubble. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Stay safe & healthy, get your rest, enjoy the moment, and take deep breaths!



momof2gr8kids said...

lovely. have a GREAT vacation!!

momof2gr8kids said...

my son wanted that kit.. too.. thankgoodness Santa had more or less dollars.. to not bring it here for me to do..

mezarik4 said...

Go from one house to another -- that's exactly what my vacation has become and I hate it! Being sick on Christmas means everybody holds their gifts for the kid "until I can see you in person." Which means expectations of scheduling visit after visit...