Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year, New Hair

Happy New Year!

I rang it in beautifully, chopping off most of my hair and painting a lot of old furniture around the house. The actual "holidays" were nice, spent with friends and family and eating way too much food. But the real beautiful moments were in-between, whether it was ice skating with the boys (oh how I love to ice skate! I had forgotten!), playing in the snow, walks with the dogs, a basque dinner with Ian, bagels with Grandma, teasing my sister on Facebook, board games with the kids, a few empowering and relieving yoga classes, cuddling with my guys during a movie, quiet moments with a book or a productive afternoon with my sewing machine...those were the moments that made my time off what I had hoped it would be: a vacation.

I'm back at my desk now, putting out many fires that have raged in my absence. (Bonus: Heide's back from maternity leave, so I get to see her every day again.) The kids are back in school, the dogs are back to sleeping on the couch all day, and there are a lot of bills I've ignored the past two weeks that really must get paid. I'm looking ahead to spring, to our wedding, to seeing which bulbs and plants made it through winter and which birds will call our yard home throughout the more verdant months.

For all of my forward-thinking, though, I've resolved this year to not "plan" quite so much. Yes, I will look forward to things. But happiness doesn't exist somewhere off in the future. That brass ring has been in my hands all along. Silly me--I didn't think to look there first.

My new year's gift to you: here's a little clip of the song I heard in my car at lunchtime, as I skidded between work and home with a load of chai tea for my first afternoon back in the office in two weeks.

All I can say about this is awww yeah:



Julia said...

Define this chopping off 'most' of your hair. Are we talking a Pixie, as my mother used to euphemise when she chopped my hair off with her nurse scissors because she couldn't stand brushing it anymore? A short bob? Give us a visual ;-)

Milk Money said...

Chin-length. With (angled) BANGS. Bangs...Julia, I haven't had bangs since I was 18.


Julia said...

It sounds adorable. Hair is confusing. I have had to teach Steve to discuss the pros & cons of bangs, and his eyes widen in fear when the topic comes up. Way to start fresh, sister!