Sunday, January 25, 2009

What Three Things are You Thankful for Today?

Sean turned 7 last Monday.

I need to just let that sink in for a sec. Not for you. For me. I'm still kind of floored that he is SEVEN YEARS OLD.

My little big man is growing up, and I am in awe of the person he is becoming. Both he and his brother have such amazing personalities and senses of humor. They are so bright, so creative, and so good. And their capacity for empathy and kindness is just unparalleled.

Every night at bedtime we read two or three stories, and then it's lights out for a few prayers and what we call our "three things". The three things are something I picked up not long ago from some magazine--Family Fun? I don't remember. Anyway, one reader wrote in to say she enjoys a ritual with her daughter each night in which they list three things they are thankful for that day. And, the woman noted, her daughter rarely mentioned anything material or superficial.

It seemed like a good idea to me, so off we went with the idea. Most nights, Nolan says he is thankful for "toys, fresh air, and food", although some night he mixes it up with two of the three, always keeping fresh air in there. It's adorable to hear a four-year-old say, without coercion, that he is thankful for his brother or the dogs, or for playing with his friends. He often cites "our warm, cozy house" as something he is grateful for on any given day. Just beautiful.

Sean. Sean trumps us all, usually. It's not a contest, but he does have a knack for seeing the sweetness in just about everything. Tonight, my little boy who is getting so big, so fast, said, "I'm thankful for friends, for the love in my heart and the love in other people's hearts, and for this really nice day we just had."

For the love in his heart and the love in other people's hearts he is thankful.

My boys teach me everything.



Sheryl said...

That is so so sweet!

Heide said...

Why, oh why, must you always make me cry?!

Milk Money said...

Don't worry. This morning he went out of his way to step on his brother because he was mad at him.

It's all about keeping things balanced, right? ;o)


Renee said...

Love it. They are so amazing. xo