Monday, April 20, 2009

What Does it Mean to Be American?

So many things...but for today, it's this:

Photos of Little League Opening Day by Jeff Glagowski, my friend and personal, professional photographer. I love having a "staff".

There are some great shots of the kids in here along with their best friends. They trump anything I took that day. But then again, I never claimed to be a photographer. In fact, I frequently remind people that!


In other news: Sean competed in his first Tae Kwon Do tournament yesterday and received a nice trophy and medal (..."a REAL medal, not some plastic thing", he noted).

On the domestic front, I painted the front door a great "eggplant" shade. Ian put up the gazebo in the backyard. Flowers are blooming. I scored a good sunburn on Opening Day. The kids are off this week for April vacation and I'm enjoying some of it with them. Ian and I will be celebrating our Monthiversary tomorrow--one month already. Crazy. We're celebrating by having our bulk trash pick up! ;o) I'm still wrestling with whether to start the nursing school pre-req process this fall, or if I should wait a while. I keep wavering on the timeline of this one.

And, like every day right now, I'm keeping Patrick in my prayers. He's getting a trach put in today. And since I've just landed a spring cold, it will be a while before I go see him again.

Oh...and Nolan has taken to peeing on a favorite tree in the backyard, rather than come in the house and lose precious outdoor playing time. And both of my boys now refer to each other's nether regions as their "wenis" (wee-niss).

Little boys, little boys....


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