Monday, May 18, 2009

Raccoons, Tag Sales, and Spring Projects, Oh My!

Critters have moved into our house. A raccoon to be exact. Most likely it's a female, a mama looking for just the right place to have her babies. Naturally, our pretty, cozy little house complete with children, dogs, turtles, fish, the occasional uninvited mouse and general good-vibes is the perfect place.

Tomorrow, however, Mama will be evicted. Not euthenized--unless she's rabid, which we're sure she isn't. But Mama, and her babies, if she's had them yet, will be moved out of our house and into the woods at the end of our property. The guy we hired to do the job is licensed, insured and, above all, humane. Let's hope this goes well. If so, he'll be able to repair the damage to our house, as well. And then we'll call it a day.

The 'coon means business:

You can see here where she dumped out an old squirrel nest to make room for her new family. She's been busy since, rearranging furniture, maybe.

In other news, I scored a couple of cool items at a tag sale this weekend. First, the very cool WWII helmet, modeled here by Sean:

I'm psyched to show this to my Grandmother when she watches the boys tomorrow afternoon. Her first summer job was attaching the chin straps to helmets during the war. She doesn't talk about it often--not that her job was difficult or traumatizing, per se. But she had so many friends--and brothers of friends--killed in WWII. In her little town of Webster, MA, that amounted to roughly one in every two families, a scene played out throughout small towns throughout the country. Her father served as Air Raid Warden in town, and all I can think of is George Bailey in that same role in It's a Wonderful Life.

I wonder who wore that helmet.

Anyway, another score was this rad Wonder Woman cake tin from 1978:

We're going to break this puppy in with a Father's Day cake, I think.

I also picked up a simple glass pedestal bowl for a reverse decoupage project, which I've already started (pics to come). I'm pretty psyched to try my hand at this one.

It's plain, for sure. But it's the perfect foundation for the ripped up world map I've used for the project. Fun, fun. I'll share the end result with y'all.

Finally, I went to Kohl's in search of what I don't remember, but I walked out with some new jammies for Sean, as well as an ice cream maker.

[Insert host of angels singing here >here<.]

I have been eyeing ice cream makers for some time, and since we eat the stuff almost daily in our house--and since Sean has wicked peanut and tree nut allergies--I thought making our own might be a fun, cost-effective, and relatively "safer" way of enjoying the sweet stuff. Armed with peppermint extract, cream, sugar, milk, and some (reduced fat) Oreos, we're going to churn out some home made goodness tonight...even if it feels like it's about 40 degrees out there.

I've recovered from the four-game little league weekend. Not sure if the kids have, considering I had to wake them up before school this morning. That's a rare treat. I've got a few projects simmering for the week ahead, and I've decided to shelve some kitchen remodeling (i.e., painting the boring old wooden cabinets a kind of chartreuese) until some later date. I need more downtime in the garden, at the sewing machine, with my mod podge, hanging with my boys, or going out for a run. The kitchen can wait. Ice cream cannot.

Happy Monday!

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