Monday, March 1, 2010

Gifts, Everywhere

This morning Nolan, who is five, asked me if my boss had returned yet "from her field trip."

To India.

She had, in fact, returned on Saturday from two weeks in Chennai and the surrounding areas, having missed all of the Olympics since they weren't really being watched there. She was in India on business, since many of the developers who work on our software are based in Chennai, when they're not traipsing to our stateside offices to serve on projects.

India. Oh, how I want to go to India! I had thought I would make it there a few years ago for a yoga retreat at an Ashram run by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, a wonderful Kundalini yoga instructor and hero of mine. But alas, life happened and funds needed to be diverted elsewhere. That's okay. It's still my dream to go there, and I know I'll get there someday, when I'm supposed to.

Until then, I can enjoy the little soapstone elephant statue she brought back for me, along with a cute little spinning top, and this absolutely gorgeous shawl to wrap myself in whenever I like...or whenever I need a little reassurance from my hopes and dreams that they are still there for me, and me for them.

I am just about two weeks through Lent, and so far my sacrifice of purchasing any non-essentials has gone just fine. It's also made me appreciate how much I do receive all the time, like lunch at Grandma's, a latte this morning at work from Heide, books from the library (I'm currently digging back into the Little House on the Prairie collection, and loving it), joining in a laser tag game at an eight-year-old's birthday party, and unexpected gifts--like my shawl and other trinkets from India.

I also unearthed a purse I hadn't used in months and remembered how much I love it.

February is over. Hello, March.


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pamela said...

that shawl is beautiful! it looks so perfect on you!