Monday, April 12, 2010

Save It

Everything's blooming! Holy cannoli, Batman! Daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, heather, phlox, myrtle, magnolia trees, cherry blossoms...even the hosta are exploding out of the ground. I love it!

Our grass in the back yard is another story. I've decided I'm not working too hard on seeding the back there, either, until our trees come down.

We have three trees that need fellin': two large, sick birches, and one totally dead maple. (We're going to spare the tulip tree, since it's not sick and we frankly would like at least ONE tree in our yard.) The Tree Guy gave us a good, written quote and is supposed to get the job done in the next week or so. And he can't come too soon. I'm done look at that dead maple. Dead as dead could be. So dead that the thing even has a dead squirrel in one of its hollows right now, most likely the work of a hawk.

The kids spotted the dead squirrel on Saturday, when our dog Sparkplug wouldn't take her attention off the tree. The boys were curious and a little grossed out, but soon completely forgot about it as they hopped back on their bikes to ride some more in the afternoon.

That night, as the boys said their bedtime prayers and listed the things for which they are thankful ("my new baseball cards and my new bat", "my new cleats and my new Jeter t-shirt"), Sean commented, "I can't get the picture of that dead squirrel out of my head."

Nolan's eyes, contentedly closed and beginning to drift off toward dreamland, flew open wide as quarters. "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO SAY THAT, SEANY????" he wailed and burst into tears. "NOW I'M GOING TO HAVE BAD DREAMS!!!"

"Sorry, it just freaks me out."

More hysterics.

"Nolan," I tried in a soothing voice, "Sean wasn't trying to scare you. The squirrel might be scary, but it's not going to hurt you." While rubbing Nolan's back and listening to him sob, I motioned the "cut-it-out" sign across my throat and said to Sean in the annoyed-loud-mom-whisper, "Just drop it and go to bed."

"Okay, okay," Sean said as he climbed to the top bunk. "It's just freaky and weird and gross!"

"Sean, save it!" I yelled. Nolan wailed.

"Fine. Geez!" Sean said, climbing under his covers. Then, in a hushed voice to himself, "It's not like I started talking about clowns or anything."

"STOP!" Nolan and I yelled in unison.

I eventually helped Nolan calm himself down and fall asleep with lots of talk about sunny days and butterflies, but it wasn't easy.

Ah, life with boys. It's never dull. Nolan finally ditched the training wheels and loves riding his bike more than ever. Sean's digging his Haro BMX and might be ready to learn some new tricks. I'm psyched, since all of this means we can go on some real family bike rides this spring and summer. I'm also looking forward to booking a couple of camping trips again to Burlingame and Devil's Hopyard. And I'm happy to report that Nolan and I enjoyed a nice afternoon flying kites down at the soccer fields a few weeks ago. Dig it:

Nolan flies his Spider-Man kite.
Spring has sprungeth.

And if I'm going to be doing more bike riding this Spring, I'll need a new messenger bag. I won't buy one, since I'm trying to spend as little money as possible on anything right now (for serious, as evidenced by the very depressing but major money-saving trip I took to Walmart of all places to buy dry goods this weekend. Ugh! In my best Charlie Brown voice: "I can't stand it." But I saved about 60 bucks, and that is worth it.). But I've found this cute and free tutorial to get my sewing machine rolling on a new bag:

Too cute! And I've got so much canvas and adorable cotton fabric that this thing is going to be the cutest bag ever.

I might need a longer zipper than the ones currently in my stash, though. May have to go back to Walmart.