Monday, June 28, 2010

Look Twice

It's steaming hot out there today. Few people love this weather the way I do. I scooted home at lunchtime to check on the pups and refill their bowls with fresh water and two trays of ice cubes. On my drive back to work, I enjoyed some of Van Halen's "Panama" with the windows rolled down, and the sun and hot wind on my face.

I'm not interested in wishing away summer. The all-star game is in a couple of weeks. The World Cup is still in full-swing. The Tour de France has yet to start. The US Open is later this season. We've got fireworks to enjoy, amusement parks to visit, beaches to dig in, oceans and pools to swim in, day trips to take, overnights to plan, quiet moments on the front porch to savor, more post-dinner bocce games to play in the back yard.... But I can say this: I'm looking forward to season three of Sons of Anarchy.

Eager, yes. But the trade-off means summer's end. So I can wait as long as it takes.

And since we're talking about SOA, here's a little PSA for ya:

Remember that motorcycles really are everywhere, so look twice and please don't ever cut one off. Keep extra stopping distance between you and motorcycles. And if you're going to ride, for the love of God please wear a helmet.

My boys on Ian's bike, July 2009


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