Tuesday, June 22, 2010

School's (almost) Out

Summer's officially here, and yesterday it started off with a bang! The weather was spectacular. Sunny, mid-80s. The boys enjoyed a lot of slip'n'slide funtimes when I came home from work, and after dinner they headed two houses over to the pool of their good friends, Kyle and Emily. I took Cee Cee on a long, hot walk and then jumped in and joined the four kids splashing and kicking and having a great time. Our wet bare feet left a trail of sleepy tracks across Kyle and Emily's driveway as we headed home at dusk. "Today was so much fun, I forgot it was Monday!" exclaimed Nolan.

It's hard to believe these kids still have a couple more days of school. I think New Haven goes longer than anyone else in the state. Honestly. We start too late, I think, with classes not really in full swing until after Labor Day. The kids are so ready for vacation. For summer camp with their best buddies. For long, late nights riding bikes outside with the neighborhood kids until dark. I'm ready, too. I'll be working most of the time they're off, but my relatively flexible schedule means I'll be able to pick them up from camp a few days a week in the midafternoon instead of dinnertime, giving us plenty of time to enjoy sunshine in the yard with the rest of the gang.

And yesterday's beautiful dawn of summer also gave way to my final career decision: After more than a year of weighing options, I've decided to go back for my masters and certification in early education special ed. I enjoy teaching, and my experience thus far as a yoga teacher and as a CCD teacher, especially, has proved it. I absolutely love kids, especially the preschool to eight year old set, which is the population I will be certified to work with. And special ed is just amazing. All kids have potential. And all kids learn differently. But first they need to have confidence in themselves. That's where I hope to help some kids see their own light.

So, that's that. I'm prepping for the Praxis and getting my ducks in a row. I've received a copy of my college transcript (and if I hadn't totally blown my freshman year I could have graduated with high honors!). I'm hoping for a lot of financial aid and a fast track through the certification process, while working toward my masters as I start teaching. We'll see what route I eventually take. First things first: Get accepted into my program of choice.

While I'm counting down the days until I can begin grad school, the boys and I are counting down the next 48 hours until school lets out. In the meantime, tonight the boys have a late championship little league game under the lights. Their team (2nd place, 10-1, 1 draw) vs. the first place team (11-0, 1 draw). Our team's one loss and draw were against the first place team. It's our hope tonight to steal some thunder. But either way, they've had a fantastic season.

So...summer's here again. I'm busy deciding what cute desserts to make for the 4th, which we'll celebrate right at home one our awesome little block. The 4th always makes me think of the bicentennial, which we celebrated when I was three. Some of my earliest memories are from that big party at Grandma's. I remember people...everywhere. Since my mom was just 21 then, and all of her siblings were younger, the house was always packed with teenagers and "young adults". It was always fun for me. Life was one big party during my formative years. The bicentennial was more of the same.

In many ways, I was raised by wolves.

Or, to prove my point, I was raised by these people:

I turned out okay. At least I think I did.

Happy summer!!



Me said...

You turned out great Moira! Good luck on your journey back to school. You would make a wonderful teacher because you are so understanding, you think outside the box, and are just a great person.


Milk Money said...

Thanks, girlie! You're a great person, too, and I'm so glad I "found" you! ;o) xoxo