Wednesday, September 1, 2010

All Things Big and Fall

It's 85 degrees out there for the boys' first day of school. And despite the current heat wave and the fact that we enjoyed our last day of summer vacation much like we enjoyed the first--with the neighborhood kids at their pool, I'm still hoping for an excuse to bust out a cardigan sweater.

I've recently developed a serious fondness for sweater guards (or sweater clips, depending on what you want to call them). Thanks to Etsy, I now have a cute little brass/rhinestone/celluloid one. And while they seem pretty easy to make--some alligator clips, a chain, embellishments and glue are all you need, really--I prefer the vintage ones. Of course, I've been scouring Etsy for vintage beads, chains and other supplies to make ones that are vintage "inspired". But first I have some knitting (and sewing, and Praxis studying) to finish.

The resurgence of sweater guards' relative popularity might have something to do with Glee--and Emma Pillsbury.

Not surprising, then, that I'd dig it. Especially given how much I love Glee--and Mad Men. I also loves me some Sons of Anarchy. I guess my fashion inclination (because it certainly can't be called sense) lies somewhere in middle of all that.

So now I need to pick up one or two new cardigans worthy of my little guard. I really like this pretty little thing.

That, plus the cute single strand of vintage (faux, glass) pearls that I picked up will have me feeling very bookish. And on the cheap, too. Thanks, Etsy.


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