Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Nine years ago today, at 5:51AM, everything in the world changed for the better when you were born. Happy birthday, Sean!!!! I love you so much, monkey!

Tonight we'll enjoy an experimental cake: three stacks of brownies layered with mint chocolate chip ice cream, all hidden under a layer of buttercream frosting. It's Sean's idea. The kid digs culinary adventures. After all, he did make a stellar batch of rootbeer this Christmas.

Thanks, kid, for teaching me every day these past nine years to trust, love, imagine, accept, do my best, help others and go with the flow. I'm honored, and lucky, to be your mom.


Friday, January 7, 2011

So Far

Christmas came and went. The tree went up and came down. A blizzard hit on Boxing Day, and the subsequent power outage reminded me of the importance of having a battery-operated carbon monoxide detector (which we didn't--only electric ones), and that I should go buy one immediately (which I did two days later).

The snow is falling again, but this time it's just a pretty sugar-coating, despite what the chaos at the grocery store might have you think. I'm looking forward to things like a big lentil soup, bread and cheese by a roaring fire tonight. It's good to have measurable goals, right? Savory dinner... Check!

I won't have dessert, though. I've been off sweets for seven days now, and it feels pretty awesome. It was a necessary resolution, in addition to some of the other more noble ones. I'll still eat chocolate--I mean, of COURSE I'll eat chocolate. Daily. Just a nibble. But overall, I'm done with cookies, cakes, pies and other such treats for a while. Booze took a back seat in my life quite a while ago, save for the very rare treat of a beer or (full) goblet of malbec. Time to take the same approach with sweets, 365 days a year.

This holiday season was an all-out butter blitz. So now I feel an acute need to stick to the kinds of sweet winter treats I love and that, like a good boyfriend and not some backdoor man, actually love me back: Clementines, forelle pears, figs... After just one week of a cookieless life I can almost feel the few extra pounds as a they slip away. My blood sugar feels a bit more stable. That, plus my usual two-mile daily walk and some reinforced yoga sessions should have me feeling more like myself in no time.

This weekend I plan to treat myself to something extra yummy of a different variety: A belly dancing class with my bff! When it all happens depends upon the track this snowstorm takes. But either way, I'm gonna shake it this weekend in a room full of girls. And I cannot wait.

Until then, I should probably get back to the grind and wind down the work week-- while sitting on a big red exercise ball at my desk. That girl in the office at the end of the hall bouncing and rocking to the hold music on the phone? Yep. That's me.

Happy New Year!