Friday, April 29, 2011

How Does the Other Half Live, Anyway?

A tour of Amy Butler's home?

Be still my heart!

Thank you, Apartment Therapy!

As for the other stuff:

Four to five nights a week spent at baseball games and/or practices with the boys.
8PM little league games under the lights.
Temps over 50--even over 60! Finally.
Long solo walks with my favorite pooch. (I'm not ashamed to admit Cee Cee is my favorite. After all, she's *mine*. And she's a super-good girl.)
Much time spent outdoors in the yard, gardening and seeding and raking and whatnot.
Front porch newspaper reading.
Turkeys in our trees.
Fog horns and buoys clanging just beyond my back yard.
Prepping for our first annual neighborhood soap box derby.
New flip flops.
The neighborhood gang running around outside til the sun goes down.

And my new absolute favorite:

Must. Go. Running. Tonight.


1 comment:

Suzyhayes said...

How am I not surprised that this is my new favorite song too? I miss those games.....